Friday 1 January 2021

Progress with Pyrrho v7 alpha

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Today's version (2 January 2021, updated 12 April) includes a preliminary implementation of RESTView technology, which is a way of creating a single SQL database over the Web, using RESTful services that can be interfaced with over DBMS. At the moment, only Pyrrho allows definition of a "REST View", which is a virtual table whose contents are requested on demand, and is a good way of implementing view-mediated (logical) data integration. For details, see the Pyrrho manual and the documentation on GitHub. Obviously access to databases using REST interfaces needs a secure design, and this can be most easily achieved using standard SQL role permissions and Basic HTTP authentication over a secure transport.

REST View technology was demonstrated in previous versions of Pyrrho, still available on But for reasons documented elsewhere, I am currently upgrading Pyrrho to use shareable immutable data structures throughout, and this version, currently Pyrrhov7alpha, is taking time.

The main advantage of the REST View concept is that queries that include references to REST Views should be automatically optimised to minimise the amount of data that needs to be transferred between servers. For version 7 of Pyrrho, this important aspect is work in progress: and further updates should appear in GitHub over the next months or two.


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