Monday 10 August 2015

AngularJS and avoiding Entity Frameworks

Following the series of posts about ASP.NET and REST in this blog during May, I would now like to advertise a quite different approach, developed on .
The idea is that with the trend towards server virtualisation, it is becoming much more attractive to build systems where each web application has its own custom web server, instead of sharing web server such as IIS or even Apache. At the same time, an embedded database system is often more efficient that a client-server database. provides a basic tutorial revisiting a simple Web application from one of the AngularJS tutorials. And Pyrrho of course has its own version.'s framework also brings a number of improvements over ASP.NET, by making all views cacheable and using AJAX for dynamic content, using JSON objects instead of HTML in the API. The obvious next step is then to use JSON objects in the database too, as MongoDB does, and of course Pyrrho now supports that too.
So, we also have a Pyrrho-Document version of the same Angular tutorial! I look forward to comments...