Friday 26 February 2010

Version 4.0 is released

Pyrrho DBMS Version 4.0 is now available. There are three editions, all free to use: Standard, Embedded and OpenSourcePyrrho (OSP). As before, OSP contains an implementation of Java Persistence Architecture v1.0.
The Standard and OSP editions include deployment options for taking advantage of cloud computing technologies, following the design of my December 2009 blog post. There is also an advanced implementation of subtypes as I believe they can be very useful in identifying special features of individual data values (similar to annotations in Excel, or footnotes in documents). I expect this sort of feature in databases to become more important with the increasing interest in provenance and digital curation.
A lot of the code in Version 4.0 is new, so I will be continuing to test this version and updates should get posted regularly. I look forward to receiving feedback on any performance issues and on the concepts introduced in this version.