Monday 29 June 2020

Further progress with v7 alpha

(for latest post see: 2 January 2021)

An important goal in v7 of Pyrrho is to compile SQL code once only, on definition by the user or on load on a database cold-start. Another is to use shareable immutable data structures in the server wherever possible, in the manner described in the above GitHub repository. By the end of 2019, Database, Query and Transaction had these properties. The current version extends this philosophy to RowSet and Cursor objects, and the current version passes a set of tests including stored procedures, triggers, constraints, cascade operations, and structured types.

The documentation in the repository includes full details of how this is done. The Pyrrho manual from previous versions applies almost unchanged to v7, and this version will reach beta stage when all examples in the Pyrrho manual have been implemented for v7. The next stage in this process will be to implement role-based security.

I look forward to demonstrating the performance of the current version at DBKDA 2020. Comments to, including PyrrhoDB in the subject line.

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