Thursday 21 November 2019

Progress with Pyrrho v7 alpha

The alpha code for PyrrhoDB v7 on GitHub was updated on 20 November 2019, which probably continues to demonstrate the concurrency with the Tpcc benchmark reported previously in this blog.
The alpha version comes with a test application called PyrrhoTest, which will be extended in time to verify all sample code from The GitHub site contains updated documentation: the Pyrrho manual and an introduction to the source code.
Pyrrho v7 aims to be compatible with databases developed with previous versions, and, apart from using optimistic concurrency throughout, complies closely with the ISO SQL standard.
The current state of the v7 alpha implementation includes default values, generated columns, not-null and integrity constraints, alter and drop, and restrict/cascade behaviour for drop, update and delete in addition to joins and subqueries. Alters are role-dependent, laying the groundwork for a full implementation of role-based object renaming and the SQL security model.
The next phases of implementation will include check constraints and triggers.

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