Monday 12 September 2011

Using the WPF DataGrid

I have no great solutions to this one. Placing data in a DataGrid is not hard. If you want to avoid writing your own Binding and Column definitions, we need to add getters and setters to the relevant class (this is okay).
Unfortunately using object[] as an ItemsSource is not good enough: we need to copy the objects into a List.

 This is simple enough, but there is no easy way to support updates to the cells (though there are lots of tricky ways). On balance, with the facilities available in .NET 4, I recommend not using DataGrid. It is really at least as easy to add your own textboxes to an ordinary Grid, and while you are doing that it is easy to add LostFocus events to catch updates, and to keep a copy of the data so that you can see if it has changed. There is some code in PyrrhoSQL that will get you started.
I'd be interested in comments: is the above sample useful enough to get Pyrrho to generate the getters and setters? or to provide a verbose internal AUTHOR[] Get(db,rurl) {...} implementation in the generated class?

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