Tuesday 1 March 2011

Silverlight and OWL2

Version 4.4 of PyrrhoDBMS is released today, with support for OWL 2 subtypes and Silverlight applications.
I am particularly excited by the Silverlight version. This is a dll that is included in your Silverlight project, and via inclusion in the .xap file, runs on the client machine, using secure local storage in the client machine for the database(s) used by your application. I really feel this brings a whole new perspective on persistence, since the application can organise the data flexibly using SQL. Full SQL is available (apart from the xmlquery primitive) in a compact engine (600KB !).
Okay, I've removed a few previous technologies in this edition. Many people thought I was mad to include SPARQL in a DBMS, and this has now been removed, as have the built-in HTTP services, and the datamodel machinery.
I will publish some samples for both of the above innovations on the PyrrhoDB web site in the next few days. So much has changed that there are bound to be some bugs. For the moment the download pages also provide previous versions of the PyrrhoDBMS. Please let me know if anything strange happens for you.
UPDATE 2 March: The 1 March versions had a serious bug affecting Alter table add, with database corruption. The 2 March versions fix this problem.


  1. Hey Malcolm, as part of a Silverlight App would Pyrrho work on Windows Phone 7? A

  2. Aodhagan: Yes, I believe so. The sources seem to compile on the Phone 7 system so the Shopping tutorial posted on this blog outght to work...