Monday 7 September 2009


The ADO.NET API includes a method called GetDataTypeName on the IDataReader: this is supposed to return a string, given a field index. The documentation says

The data type information can differ from the type information returned by GetFieldType, especially where the underlying data types do not map one for one to the runtime types supported by the language. (for example, DataTypeName may be "integer", while Type.Name may be "Int32".)

Up to now, the DataTypeName was just the name of the closest native type, such as System.Decimal.

From today, and version 3.3 of Pyrrho, it will return the name of the SQL type. For example, NUMERIC(8,2) or a user defined type name.

The version number is changed since the new version of PyrrhoLink for this behaviour will then only work with server versions 3.3 or later. (In all other respects backwards compatibility is preserved.)

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