Monday, 8 June 2009

On importing data

I've started to provide better support for data import into Pyrrho. Version 3.x has been introducing ideas of provenance. Now I am enhancing the PyrrhoMgr application a bit. The changes will get published in the next few days. So far they amount to:
1. Supporting direct import from Access 2007 in addition to Access 2003 and SQL Server.
2. Supporting the "Percent" numeric format in Access. (Intriguingly in Access 2007 the default Percent format is for a long integer, and so validation changes every value to either 0.0% or 100.0% !)
3. Allowing the importer to specify the "From Culture" so that culture specific formats for numbers and dates can get converted into the culture used by the importing thread (the culture of the machine that PyrrhoMgr is running on).
As mentioned in the last posting, the server always uses an invariant culture.
As a result of some ongoing research, more changes in this area can be expected soon.

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